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Alexandra & Jared | Arizona Desert Engagement

Whoever says you can't meet the love of your life in a bar anymore, just take a look at Alexandra and Jared! A little over three years ago, Alex and her friends decided to go out and celebrate. They're teachers and they had just survived their first month of being back at school with the kids, and let's face it, there's no better reason to let loose and put on your dancing shoes. The girls headed to a country bar, and instead of waiting in the long line, Alex tried to cut the group of guys that were in front of them. One sarcastic comment from one of the guys (Jared, of course), led to a quick remark right back from Alex, which naturally led to conversation over beers all night. It was obviously love at first sight....or first sarcastic comment? Either way, they've been together ever since! 

Last summer the pair went on vacation to Mammoth, California with Jared's family. They went hiking to one of the most beautiful lakes ever, with tall pine trees, green grass, clear blue skies and breathtaking mountain views. They hiked the two miles down to the lake and stopped to take photos. Alex thought it was weird that the whole family had stopped to watch the two of them get their pictures taken, and she was completely surprised when Jared all of a sudden got down on one knee and pulled out a ring! His whole family got to witness him pop the question, and she could not have been happier. Jared later told her that he was so nervous she was going to find the ring in his backpack while they were hiking down, since she's always hungry and kept going in there to find snacks. But he managed to pull it off, and she had never been so surprised and excited! 

We took their engagement photos at a beautiful spot in Cave Creek, Arizona and their cute little dog Lucy joined us, because when you love your fur baby, they should always be included! Even though they brought their Eagles jerseys, I had so much fun getting to know them as a couple. See, I'm a Patriots fan, born and raised in New England, so Jared was clearly having fun talking smack about them since they played each other in the Super Bowl this year. Which is the reason Alex is laughing so hard in some of their photos! It's totally cool you guys, if that's what it takes to get such genuine laughs during your session, I'll take one for the team! I learned that Jared is an ASU Sun Devil and Alex is a U of A Wildcat that'll be a fun rivalry for the rest of their lives! 

Alexandra and Jared, even though our session ended with a few jumping cholla in your hands and even a few cactus needles in Lucy's nose (still sorry about that), you were total champs and I cannot wait for your wedding this September!