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A Smile Can Change Everything...

This past weekend I had one of the saddest encounters at a hair salon. Truthfully, I just want to hardcore vent and say that it was the most terrible customer service that I've ever received, but when I think about it, venting won't do me any good. Because, as someone in an industry that is all about providing the best client experience possible, I am confident in saying that I know good customer service when I see it. And I'm not here to talk smack about another business, I'm just here to share this experience and why it motivates me that much more to be the most genuine, friendly person that I can be for my clients.

So this sad experience? Well, I walked into the salon and I was the only client in there. It was 10AM on a Sunday. Perfect time to treat myself and get my hair did...which is something I do maybe once a year-- no joke. So I walk in, and I don't get a "Hi!" I don't even get a little smile! They don't call me by my name even after I tell them my name. They don't read the notes about what I made my appointment for. It's like no one gave a s*** that I was in their salon to spend my money on their services. I don't really even need to go any further with what happened, because to be honest the whole encounter was the same. No conversation, no introduction from the stylist, just nothing at all. They literally could not have cared less about me. And I felt it the second I walked in. I wanted to walk right back out, but instead I sat in the chair and hoped it would turn around (the experience, not the chair). It didn't. 

The point of me sharing this is that I left that salon feeling so upset. All I wanted was someone who cared about their this case a job that is based on making clients feel good about themselves! I wasn't asking them to jump through hoops for me, I just wanted someone who cared. And that, my friends, is exactly how I feel about my photography. I care so much about it, I LOVE it, and I love making people see themselves as the beautiful humans that they are through beautiful photographs. It would hurt my insides if I knew a client ever walked away from an experience with me the way that I walked away from that salon. It is my mission to make sure that never happens! And I believe it all starts with something as simple as a smile....a smile can change everything! :)