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Blogging, Here I Come!

Let me start off by saying that I have been reading for months and months now about how my business (and I) could benefit from blogging. I admit I am in the mind set that:

1. I have nothing to say.


2. No one will care to read it.

But I once read this analogy: consistent blogging is like turning the lights on in your brick and mortar business (from the brilliant Amy & Jordan Demos). It tells people that you are open for business, up and running, and that you can be trusted. People don’t go to stores that don’t have any lights on or a “closed” sign hanging in the door. Blogging shows your fans (I mean I hope to have fans someday!) and your current and future clients that you have things going on, and it lets them into your life. So I want to let you into my life a bit! I want to connect and share and grow my tribe! (And just a heads up, I may use the exclamation point a few too many times. I swear I’m not yelling, I’m just really excited!)

So I thought my very first blog post would be a post about a few of my favorite things!

1.     My favorite photographers: (not in any particular order!) Jenna KutcherAmy & Jordan DemosMelissa JillJasmine Star, and Katelyn James. I’ve read their blogs, taken online workshops, attended webinars, and of course scoured their Instagram feeds— every day. They’ve all inspired me and my style of photography. They’ve all succeeded by their own means at building their businesses in genuine ways…exactly what I hope to do! One consistent theme among them is this: don’t be afraid to be yourself. Be authentic, and that will attract your ideal client.

2.     My favorite music: at the moment, I listen to “Bishop Radio” on Pandora almost non-stop when I am at the “office.” (AKA my kitchen table). It just relaxes me to listen to it, but then it's got some catchy tunes that really get me amped up! There's some great songs in the play list by artists I had never heard of but now I LOVE like Glass Animals, ODESZA, and Halsey....and then it plays some of others that were already my favorites like Imagine Dragons and Lana Del Ray. (I am NO music expert, I'm just sharing what I like.)

3.     My favorite treats: Ghirardelli Chocolate Minis (the dark chocolate ones!!!) with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (or two glasses…or three when I get really crazy on the weekend).

4.     My favorite books-of-the-moment: “Me Before You” and the sequel “After You” which I just finished last week. Now I’m reading the third installment of the Babe Walker “White Girl Problems” series: “American Babe.” If you’ve never read these books, you need to get on it! The funniest page-turners I’ve ever read! (P.S. Is Babe Walker a real person? Somebody tell me please! haha)

5.     My favorite hike-to-date: Torrey Pines in California. Because the beach. Because the views. And because the dolphins. We saw dolphins while we were hiking the cliffs along the beaches there! OMG!!!

Well here I go on this journey! I’m imagining this blog to be a place where I can talk about not only my photography, but also my life. Hopefully you come along with me…if you’re reading this very first post of mine, then here's a giant "Thank You!" for coming to my page! And I hope you want to read more! And if you don' want to read what I have to say, that's OK too, just no judgement please! This is a judgement free zone. :)