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Chelsea & Travis | Part 1: Downtown Phoenix Engagement Session

You Chelsea and Travis, my most trusting clients to date! You're probably thinking, "What does she mean "most trusting?" Well, I asked these two to meet me on the top of a parking garage in Downtown Phoenix for their engagement session....and they did. No questions asked. I laugh to myself thinking about it, because I asked Chelsea to just trust my vision and all she had to go on was a couple screen shots I sent her of what I was imagining, and all she said was to just make sure the background was pretty and they would be up for anything! When I arrived at the parking garage the evening of our photo session, I was super nervous because there were cars everywhere. Yeah, duh, it's a parking garage....BUT we live in Arizona and it is so hot already, I thought there was no way in heck that anyone would be parked on the top level! But the lot was full and we still made it WORK!

This is Part 1 of Chelsea and Travis because they are getting married THIS weekend!! I met them through my favorite wedding and event planners, Laki Events & Design, and I feel like I seriously got hooked up. I will admit I was a little intimidated by Chelsea the day that I met her because she has a very strong presence, super confident and this cool, edgy look that I could never pull off (I mean seriously, could she be any more stylish in these photos?!). But we hit it off and she was so sweet, while still being very direct about what she wanted out of a wedding photographer. I could not be happier that I'll get to be the one by their side on their wedding day on Saturday and I am even more excited after getting to know them both better during our session. I only met Travis the one time, but so far I'm a fan. He's polite and I could tell that him and Chelsea make quite the team together, not just as a couple, but as a marketing duo too. Plus, he went along with this whole idea for this session and he was so nice about it. And if he thought I was crazy for suggesting a parking garage roof, he never let on or made me feel like he didn't want to be there with his gorgeous fiancée! 

My favorite part of this whole session was how much Chelsea told me she loves these photos. I am not bragging here, I promise. It just literally fills my heart with so much joy when my clients are in love with the photos and the moments that I capture for them. When we met, she told me they hadn't done an engagement session and I told her we had to. Hearing how happy she was with how they turned out, and how much she loves the authentic emotion in them literally brought tears to my eyes because this is exactly why I love what I do. 

I can't wait for Saturday and to get these two in front of my camera again....all dressed up and vowing forever to each other! 



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