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Laura & James | Rock Springs Cafe Wedding

Laura and James are the epitome of the quote, "If it's meant to be, it will be." They met online years ago, before dating apps were even a thing and though they dated for a bit, the timing wasn't quite right for them. They went their separate ways for quite a while, but they kept in touch and, as fate would have it, one day James came back to Arizona and asked Laura on a coffee date. They spent weeks going out to dinner and to the movies and just enjoying each other's friendship again. When James had to go out of state again for work, they realized that being away from each other was one of the hardest things for them and they knew right then that they were meant to be together. Luckily enough, James was relocated back to Arizona and it wasn't long after that he proposed to Laura and asked her to be his forever.

Their autumn-inspired wedding took place at Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City, Arizona. They wanted their wedding day to feel warm, cozy, and simple, like a family gathering after a day of apple picking, and this little gem in Arizona was the perfect spot since the cafe is best known for their pies! It's set just off the I-17 and the scenery is amazing, with the stone steps, red barns, and rustic decor everywhere you turn. There's even a little creek which made for beautiful portraits of the bride and groom. To top it off, James' son and daughter and Laura's nieces and nephews made up the bridal party!

I had so many favorite parts of their wedding day like their personalized vows and their handmade centerpieces and decor, but one of the best parts was James' reaction when he saw Laura at their first look! Another thing I loved seeing was Laura and James made time to visit with each and every one of their guests. I don't think I saw either of them sit the whole night because they wanted to make sure to spend time with everyone. And one last moment that needs to be retold....James sang to Laura on the microphone and she danced around so excited and happy to finally call him her husband while he sang to her! Their guests were all smiles and laughter, also with some pretty awesome dance moves and karaoke skills I might add, and it was just such a fun night to get to witness. 

Laura and James- thank you for having me capture this beautiful day for you, and I wish you both nothing but love and happiness as husband and wife!