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Our Wedding | The Best Day Ever

Where do I even start? 

Today marks six months since we got married. Not a huge anniversary or milestone, but since I haven't shared about our wedding on my blog yet, what better day than today? 

Our wedding day was a dream come was a whirlwind, but it was a dream! Everyone says the day goes by so quickly, and that could not be any more accurate. I barely remember some parts of it, but I know that when I look back at our photos and videos the memories come flooding back and it's pure happiness. 

Our family, friends, and vendors all had a hand in making our day perfect. I wish I could say I didn't stress over a single thing, but I definitely had a couple freak out moments. I'm human, what else can I say! I think the biggest realization that I came to was that I wasn't alone in the planning process. Everyone will offer to help you on your big day, and it is 100% OK to say yes! Allow others to help you, invest in a wedding planner, let someone else worry about making sure your decor gets to the venue, say yes when your friend offers to get you another glass of champagne. Trust me, it takes the stress away. 

There were a couple moments from our day that still make me laugh:

  • Kevin had me convinced that he had no idea some couples exchanged gifts the day of their wedding. He completely surprised me with a Polaroid camera and the sweetest note, all inside a rose petal heart on the bed. (Funny thing is, I totally thought the hotel staff had left it, LOL!)
  • I almost forgot to put my veil on. Actually I did forget, until my dad reminded me right before we walked down the aisle. Then my veil flew around in the wind and attacked me at the altar.
  • Some people were clearly confused when they saw my twin sister dressed in her bridesmaid dress. They thought she was me and wondered why I wasn't in a traditional white wedding dress. 
  • The wind was out of control that day, and my photographer/friend basically gave me a pep talk telling me I better stop worrying about the wind messing up my hair and to just kiss my husband already!
  • We stayed up well after one o'clock in the morning celebrating with our friends and family at the after party!

People ask me all the time now, "How's married life? Has anything changed?" And my answer will always be this: "Nothing has changed....except I finally stopped bugging Kevin about marrying me already!" Now I just bug him about the laundry and dishes....oh wait, I've always done that. ;) Seriously though, he's my rock, he's my love, and he's my husband! And he can always make me laugh at myself when I need it the most. 

Happy Anniversary Babe!



VENUE: Talking Stick Golf Club

PHOTOGRAPHER: Stesha Jordan Photography

VIDEOGRAPHER: Mandy Woodman Films

WEDDING PLANNER: Laki Events & Design

DECOR & CENTERPIECES: Laki Events & Design (Including the custom made arbor and sweetheart table and bench!)

FLORALS: Table Tops, Etc.

BRIDAL GOWN: David's Bridal

HAIR & MAKEUP: The Beauty Bar, Allison Martin

DJ: Gold Ring Entertainment, Greg Keys

FOOD TRUCKS: Short Leash & Aioli Burger