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The Pucketts | Phoenix Farewell

Moving is never easy, we all know that. But moving to another country, that's another story. When my fellow photographer and friend Stesha told me they would be moving back to her home country of Canada, I was so happy for them (and sad, let's be honest)! I knew it was something they had been talking about for quite a while because a move like this isn't just something you decide to do. It took them months and months and more months of planning and preparation and paperwork. I saw how they had to tear up their house and box everything up and then label every single box. It's not like when you move to another house in the same city, where you can just throw plates into boxes and clothes into your car, still on the hangers, as you go. But it was a decision that would take them home, back to where Stesha grew up and back to her family who she hasn't lived near in years. 

Stesha and I went from me asking her, "Will you be my photography mentor?" to being the best photographer friends to photographing each other's weddings. And we got to photograph a few weddings together too at the beginning of the year, where she taught me even more. She asked me to do these farewell photos for them and she said she had the perfect spot. When she said it was the Phoenix sign, I knew it would be ideal for their send off, and it was! I miss having her here, but I'm excited for my friend and can't wait until I can go visit her in Canada!