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Tess & Jonathan Maternity | Freestone Park in Gilbert, AZ

Tess and I met a while back at my previous job. She was one of my customers at a little tiny restaurant I was managing and after a while I finally managed the courage to tell her I was a photographer. I knew she was expecting her first baby but, for a while, when I was still working there, I was too afraid to talk about my photography business at work. I was afraid of face-to-face rejection and opinions and all that bad stuff, and it turns out it was for no good reason at all. One day I gave her my business card and then one of the next times I saw her she had a big smile on her face and asked if I would take her maternity photos! 

We met at this cute little park in Gilbert, Arizona on a hot, sunny summer day. Even though we were all sweating more than we may like to admit, Tess and Jonathan were all smiles. They chose this park because it was where they had their engagement photos done a few years earlier and it was the perfect setting with the vintage-looking carousel and tall palm trees. We had to take advantage of that carousel, so I suggested that we actually get on it. It took some off-the-cuff planning because we found out we had to pay for a ride to be allowed access (don't worry it was only a couple dollars) and we had to make full use of the whole five minutes that we got! But I loved this session and it's a good thing we got together when we did because they got a big surprise when their beautiful baby girl decided she wanted to meet them just one week later! She was a few weeks early, but she is healthy and happy and so are her proud parents!