Larissa Jean Photography
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about me

I’m an Arizona-based photographer who is always willing to travel....hint hint! I'm obsessed with my family, friends, wine and dessert (there’s always room for dessert), and shopping. I’m a twin, born and raised in Massachusetts and I eventually found myself in Scottsdale, Arizona because I'm also obsessed with soaking up the sun every chance I get! I can usually be found drinking wine with my girlfriends, cooking or hiking with my husband, binge watching TV series, working on my next DIY project, or sometimes reading a really good book. My husband and I also recently had our first baby, and we are pretty obsessed with her to say the least!

One of my favorite things to do at my parent’s house is to look through our dozens of family photo albums. We literally have thousands of photographs that I will cherish forever because they tell the stories of us growing up and of our life together. My goal during our photo session is to capture the moments that you want to remember forever; the moments that tell a story that you’ll share with your loved ones and pass on to generations of your family.  An engagement, a wedding, a birth, your growing family....the moments you hold close to your heart...those are the moments that I want to capture for you!


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