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Buggy Family | Scottsdale Civic Center

I've known Molly for a couple years now. We met each other while working in the retail world (which we both managed to get out of!). She's been such a huge supporter of my photography business since the start, using me for her family sessions and always trying to send me referrals, which I could not appreciate any more than I already do.

I have to say, Molly and her husband make one of the best parenting teams I've had the pleasure of meeting. They have three little ones, each with their own personalities, and so much energy! From an outsider's point of view like mine, they could seem like they could be quite the handful. But Molly and Joe are so genuinely happy to be their parents and they have this calm and patience that just could last forever. We laugh through our sessions together and their babies are so incredibly sweet....I truly enjoy every moment with them!

This session was extra fun because Molly wanted to challenge me and get me out of my little desert landscape "bubble" and use a more urban backdrop for this year's session. I'm so happy she did! I've been so obsessed with the desert and cactus all summer, so I was honestly a little weary when she suggested the Civic Center Plaza, but I forgot how beautiful it is over there. I love the Christmas lights that lit up the trees and all the textured walls and definitely allowed for tons of background choices and I love how this session turned out! Thank you Molly, and I can't wait for our next session together!