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Baby Layla | Newborn

I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet baby girl just one week after she was born. I'm not exactly a newborn photographer, but with more and more of my friends having babies and starting families I am definitely getting quite the experience and practice! When I arrived for this session, Baby Layla was sleeping so peacefully she didn't even wake up when Mom passed her over to me so she could finish putting her make up on. Side note: something I'll never take for granted again is having the freedom to take as long as I want to get ready.

We started taking photos and it was like baby girl knew that something was disrupting her usual nap time, even at just one week old. Her eyes perked right up. But we had a few moments where she was so still, just listening to her mom's voice. There's something I love about these moments, captured in their natural state of just being together at home, in their every day life. This is real life. And I'm in awe at how quickly and naturally and beautifully my friend has become a mother. 

There are no rules for how a newborn photography session should go, because there's honestly no way you can really control how your baby will be feeling. I give so much credit to the newborn photographers out there who have the ability to create a whole session with those cute props and headbands and outfits...they really work some magic! I don't know how they do it! One thing I do know is this...these sessions all take time and patience. Lots of it. But the end result is worth it...having these memories captured of your newborn, to remember exactly what they looked like when they were just tiny tiny humans only days old that make your heart burst every time you look at them.