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Monica & Eric | Arizona Destination Engagement

I just love a good love story, don't you? The kind that gives you chills when it's retold to you?That's how Monica and Eric's love story goes, I just hope I can do it justice. It all started at a resort in Minnesota and it involves a cooler being left behind....keep reading! 

Eric worked with Monica's brother, so these two Midwest lovebirds actually knew each other for years before they inevitably found their way to each other. In May of 2016 they were each up at the resort that her dad had owned in Minnesota, helping to get it ready to open for the summer, but they never happened to be there at the same time. In August that summer, they, and a group of their friends, were all invited back to the resort for a weekend to repay them for their hard work a few months earlier. They were finally in the same place at the same time, and Monica remembers being really excited that Eric was there though neither of them realized their feelings for each other were growing. Looking back at their group photos of that weekend, they both see how obvious it was considering they always ended up next to each other!

They got to hang out for a few days with their friends, but they had a few moments getting to know each other a bit. They learned they both love the outdoors and going on adventures, and Eric told her he would take her out on his ATV riding someday, and that she would love it. But she didn't think he would actually ever end up taking her. Eric had to cut his trip short that weekend, and he "accidentally" left his cooler behind. Out of all their friends, Monica ended up with it in her possession which she is still thankful for to this day. After texting for a week or two trying to figure out a time to meet up to return said cooler, Eric finally asked Monica to go on an ATV day trip with him and come to find out, it had nothing to do with getting his cooler back and everything to do with getting to spend a whole day with her! It ended up being the perfect first date, and neither of them wanted the day to end so Monica was on cloud nine when Eric asked her if he could have her over to his place just a couple days later where he cooked dinner for her. They made more plans for another adventure together, this time one that involved a night away just the two of them, and Monica says this is when she knew she was already in love with him.

Fast forward to one year later, September of 2017, Eric planned another weekend away that neither of them will ever forget. Monica was right in the middle of the busiest week of her life at work, she was stressed and tired and she really needed a day off. Eric knew this, plus he had a huge secret up his sleeve, so unbeknownst to her, he asked her boss to give her that Friday off, and she was given the whole day! She, of course, had no idea what Eric had done, but she wasn't going to ask any questions when her boss told her not to come in on Friday. They went back to a place that has so much sentimental meaning to them, Black River Falls in Wisconsin, and on the drive there Eric stopped at their favorite scenic overlook. They hiked to the top of the trail and since Monica had forgotten her phone in the car, she was using Eric's to take pictures of the breathtaking view. They were surprisingly the only ones on the trail that day, and with the fall leaves changing colors, it was the perfect moment for just the two of them. Caught up in taking photos, Monica turned around at one point to see what Eric was doing, and to her complete surprise he was down on one knee with a stunning ring asking her to be his forever!

Now, there is a bittersweet part of this story, but it has to be told. Monica's dad most definitely had a hand in bringing them together. It was his resort that they both worked at, and the place where they formed their special bond. Sadly, Monica's dad passed away in May of 2016. He never saw Monica and Eric together in a relationship, but he knew they were meant to be. He actually told Eric in the past that he was the perfect match for her. It was a conversation that Monica never knew had taken place until months into their relationship when Eric shared it with her. Her dad was a smart man, and she knows that while he isn't here physically, he is in their hearts, watching over them with pride. 

Monica and Eric, I can't wait for you to come back to Arizona and get married this spring!! Thank you for sharing your story with me and letting me be the one to capture this next part of your adventure!