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Sarah & The Boys

I've known Sarah for quite a few years now. The day I met her, she was interviewing me for an assistant manager job and I liked her the minute that we sat down. She was nice to me, she didn't try to intimidate me like some interviewers do, and she was real and up front. She was my boss for almost five years. She promoted me, she mentored me, she taught me...she saw something in me and she believed in me. One day, probably after one of our many exhausting work weeks, she asked me what my dream job would be and she didn't laugh at me when I said I dreamed of being a professional photographer. Sarah just believed in me! 

After all these years, I'm finally confident enough to tell people I'm a photographer, I have my own business, and I love it! I don't work for Sarah anymore, which was one of the hardest decisions I made, but I have a lifelong friend in her now! And then she hired me to capture these photos of her and her amazing sons....because she said she has always believed in me and knew that I would accomplish this dream. Having her tell me that she's proud of me...words can't describe what that means. We laughed through their whole session...her boys are two of the coolest boys I know. I've literally seen them grow up over the years, and they have always been the sweetest calling me "Miss Larissa." They're funny, they're silly, and let me tell you, they love their mom! Thank you Sarah, for never doubting me, and for always pushing me to be nicer to myself. You've taught me so much more than you'll ever know! :)

Oh, and check out those epic silhouette shots we got at the end of our shoot! It pays to stay after the sun goes down!