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A Cave Creek Family Session

I opened up my email one weekend morning and I had an email from Katie saying that she had found me while she was searching Pinterest. One of my favorite social media apps. I mean, who doesn't love Pinterest? And this dream client found me on there?! I can't believe it actually worked....that's exactly what I thought when I read her email asking for a family photo session in the desert. They had just moved here from Washington and they wanted photos in their new home state. I got even more excited after we spoke on the phone and I could tell we had really similar styles after just a few minutes of talking, plus we shared a love for this beautiful cactus state. 

The day of their session I was super nervous, just like I am before EVERY session. What if I don't live up to her expectations, what if I don't capture their new home in the way she dreamed? But the second they got out of their car, all smiles and coordinated outfits, I knew it couldn't go wrong. I was still nervous, but now I was more nervous about making sure their adorable little boy and girl had fun and actually enjoyed getting their photos taken by a stranger! Talk about putting pressure on myself right? But this turned into one of my favorite sessions to date! We got smile after smile out of the little ones, and they loved the puppy lens buddy that I brought out with me...they even named him Stinky Face. When I got the text later that night after our session saying that the kids loved me and had already named my future children (Lucy and Sully, if you were curious which names they picked) I had this feeling of complete happiness come over me. To hear that I made a session fun and painless, even for Dad... wow, mission accomplished! Happy kids= happy parents= happy clients! 

Larissa Stevenson