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Stephen & Stesha | Married

Let me tell you a story...I met Stesha a couple years ago while I was working in retail. I learned she was a fashion blogger and then I learned she was also a photographer...a very good photographer!  I loved her work, and I reached out to her to ask her to be my mentor while I started on my own photography journey. I remember her telling me she laughed and told Stephen she had no idea how to do that. Over the last year, our relationship has grown from mentor to great friends, and it's become so special to me because she understands this crazy business and all the ups and downs it can put us through. The best part is, we ask each other questions that are never dumb, we are constantly learning from each other and together, and we push each other to keep improving. Now, she is not only my future wedding photographer, but she has also trusted my ability enough that she has become a dream client of mine! 

When she asked me to photograph this "styled yet real" bridal/family shoot for her, I couldn't believe it. We talked about it all summer, and it finally came to life this week. See, her and Stephen eloped earlier this year, and while they had some very beautiful photos to capture the memory of the day, I think she still deserved photos that made her feel like the stunning bride she is. We scouted the perfect location, she brought along the funniest creative videographer (who totally made us laugh the entire time with his witty comments), she curated the gorgeous outfits, and she hand made the floral crown and her bouquet! Can we just talk about how much talent she rolled up into one photo shoot?! Ahhhh-mazing!!!

Girl, you found a keeper with Stephen! Not a lot of guys would be ok with getting their photo taken for two hours out in the desert, but he smiled the whole time. And to be able to capture your whole family, fur babies included, was such an honor!


The details:

Dress: Jenny Yoo

Make Up: Court Montes 

Flowers: Trader Joe's

Videographer: Amorefilms