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We're Halfway! Hikes #10 & 11's been a little too long since I've written any updates on our hiking goal for the year....probably because it's been a little (OK, a lot) too long since we've gone hiking! Trust me, we haven't given up on this goal even if October is nearly over and we're only half way there. Sometimes I call it "this stupid hiking goal" because it sometimes it just feels like another massive item on my To Do list, but I won't give up even if we are busy and even if we are traveling over the next few months... and not even if Kevin doesn't want to get up in the morning! #justgetoutofbedbabe

So here's my current update:

Hike #10: LOVED this one! We hiked almost five miles around this Cave Creek trail, and it is SO gorgeous. In fact, it's so gorgeous that it's totally one of my new favorite locations for photo shoots! I found it while location scouting with my photography friend and I've been a little obsessed with it ever since so of course when I realized there were hiking trails there I told Kevin we had to go explore! We came across this gigantic cactus...I swear it is the biggest one I've ever seen out here. It was an easy hike, but great exercise with the distance, plus it was just so green and lush over there!

Location: Cave Creek, AZ

Trail: Spur Cross Trail

Distance: 4.8 miles


Hike #11: This trail was rated as easy on my All Trails app, and in hindsight it was very easy because it's a short hike....but I died a little on the incline (even though it was probably less than a mile of incline....don't judge me). It's in the middle of Paradise Valley and it's one of the many trails in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve area. The trailhead has this tiny little parking lot and when we got there this morning we saw very quickly that we would have to wait for a spot (there was no way I was going to turn around and go back home, it took so much mental effort just to get there in the first place). We could see a lady at her car getting ready to leave so we just waited a few minutes and while I was pulled to the side waiting, another car came flying by us into the parking lot and tried to steal the spot that we were waiting for! Kevin took action real quick though, got out of the car, went straight up to that driver and said "That's our spot!" She tried to pretend like she had no idea we could possibly be waiting for that particular spot....but nice try lady. NOT TODAY! Not when Kevin has to get this hike over with and get back home in time for Sunday Football! #myhero

Location: Paradise Valley, AZ

Trail: Quartz Ridge Trail

Distance: 2.2 miles (there's a ton of trails intersecting here so you can easily make this a longer hike! Which we would have done if football wasn't such a dominating Sunday activity...)


Stay tuned for more in the next two months! We've got a game plan to kill this goal!