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The Zobecs | A Family Desert Session

One of the biggest compliments I could receive is when a friend tells their family about my photography business. Adrienne is the sister of one of my best friends (whose wedding we will both be in next month!) and when she asked if I would do a family session for her, of course I said yes! Her adorable daughter and son were so excited when we got to our photo location, and they ran down the trail with so much energy looking at all the different cactus and picking up every stick and rock they could find. When it came time to smile for the camera, they were so sweet! We would get a few shots, they would ask to see themselves on the back of my camera, and then they were off again running through the desert! I loved every minute of it, and the best part is when they all gave me hugs at the end of our session and said "We can't wait to see you again!" Me too guys!