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30 Days 'til "I Do!"

Well guys. Here we are. Thirty days out from our BIG day! 

It's been quite the journey getting to this point together. For those of you who don't know me, or us, let me tell you our story in a nutshell. Kevin and I met through mutual friends (who also happen to be married, and the perfect matchmakers). We would hang out from time to time in the group and he always liked to push my buttons and I found it completely irritating for a couple of years. One time he even pushed me out of a booth and I fell on the be fair, he is literally twice the size of me, so he meant it as a playful shove and I just went flying. LOL. Our friends tried to get us to date but I always blew it off, until the year they got married. We were both in their wedding party and after a couple attempts at dating and me putting him in the "friend zone" I finally got a reality check from my twin sister. She actually said at the wedding, "He is one TALL drink of water...why aren't you dating him?!" 

We've been through the normal ups and downs, like any couple. I will forever admit that I was not exactly the most graceful or patient while I waited for him to propose....I mean, we were five years in and I just wanted to marry the guy! ;) Look at him...can you blame me? What I love the most about Kevin is that he's patient with me (even when I'm not patient with him). He loves me and I've never been left to question that. He never played games, he was just there for me. He never left me wondering, and even after six years now, he still kisses me every time he walks through the door and before bed every night. (Ok, ok, I'll stop with the mushy stuff.) 

The next thirty days are going to fly by and we will be walking down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. I'm overwhelmed by the happiness (and yes, the stress...let's be honest), and I cannot wait to put on that white dress and say, "I do!"


Photography credit goes to my amazing friend Stesha Jordan Photography.