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Christina & Dan | Boojum Tree Wedding, Phoenix, AZ

The minute I walked into the Boojum Tree for Christina and Dan's wedding, I knew it was going to be an amazing celebration! Family members were lounging around the patio, casually chatting without a worry in the air. Even Dan, the groom, was just hanging out and they were all laughing and joking around. 

I didn't get a chance to meet them before their wedding day, but I knew through our email conversations that Christina was so sweet and kind, and when I introduced myself to Dan he welcomed me with a huge smile right away. Everyone laughed as they explained that Christina wasn't there yet...she was running late "per usual" they said. Or maybe I was just too excited and had arrived much earlier than she asked me to....she did tell me in an email that I seemed "very enthusiastic." It was probably all those exclamation points I tend to over use...

Christina and Dan met back in high school, but it wasn't until later in life when their paths crossed again that they realized they were meant to be together. They each had a daughter and it was obvious that their wedding day was not only just about the two of them, but the joining of their separate lives into one life together. Their ceremony was a small, intimate one with just their closest friends and family and, let me tell you, it was absolutely perfect!

Christina's best friend officiated the wedding for them, and their daughters were the flower girls. Her sister was the DJ and her brother was the comic relief during the family photos (not that one was really needed but it was appreciated)! I think the most special part of the ceremony was the promise bracelets they each gave to each other's daughter. Dan's daughter and Christina got a little emotional as she promised to be the best mother possible, and I'm pretty sure every single person sitting there had tears in their eyes as they got to witness this, myself included (which makes looking through the camera lens a little difficult!). 

My favorite thing about Christina and Dan was that they were so completely relaxed during the whole celebration. When it came time for their portraits, I asked them to kiss each other for a photo, and then I stopped myself and realized I should ask if they were even OK with kissing in front of me. They just laughed and said, "Oh of course...good luck trying to get us to stop now!" Oh, my heart. To see two people so in love....I will smile forever just remembering that moment. Congrats you two, thank you for having me be a part of your special day!!!