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Hayley & Luke | Phoenix Wedding at Superstition Manor

Hayley and Luke’s wedding at Superstition Manor in Mesa, AZ last weekend is one that I won’t soon forget. I had been looking forward to their wedding for months and months...since last July to be exact. I met Hayley while she was working as a nanny for one of my best friends and I knew she was the sweetest because of how much my friend’s kids love her, not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous! We had so much in common as we were both planning our April 2017 weddings and I knew I would be so blessed if she decided to have me as their wedding photographer. As fate would have it, the text came one day in August that they wanted me there with them on their big day!

Hayley and Luke have been together since high school. As I learned from listening to the truly heartfelt toasts by their siblings and friends, they were made for each other. Luke is a smart guy, and he jumped at the opportunity to propose to Hayley during photo shoot that they did in Lake Tahoe. They had the chance to work with a photographer in that area and it became an all-day excursion, trekking around the lake taking photos. Luke set the bar pretty high by turning it into a surprise proposal. I don’t think the photographer even knew it was going to happen until just minutes before! Way to go Luke…I only wish I had been the photographer lucky enough to capture such a special moment in such a perfect backdrop!

A year later they became husband and wife, with yet another flawless backdrop….the Superstition Mountains set the scene for their gorgeous wedding day. The sun was high, the sky was clear of clouds, and the weather was perfect for April in Arizona. In wanting to keep with the tradition of seeing each other for the first time while she walked down the aisle, they decided to do what we will call a “Non-First Look.” They still wanted to have a quiet moment together before their ceremony, but without him seeing her in all her bridal beauty. It was perfect and you could still see the excitement in his eyes knowing that she was standing beside him in her wedding gown, but that he wouldn’t actually see her for a little while longer.

You could literally feel the love radiating around their wedding all day and all night. It’s hard to pick a favorite part of the day….it could’ve been Hayley’s calm and relaxed attitude, Luke and his groomsmen joking around and YouTubing videos for pocket squares, the bridal party popping bottles of glitter, the dance floor filled with laughter, the sunset photos (OMG the SUNSET photos), the list goes on. The part that I keep thinking about though is when Hayley and her dad surprised their entire party with a breakout choreographed dance to Flo Rida’s “Low!” I can’t even stop smiling now thinking about how fun that was to witness! Dad’s got some moves! I loved how Hayley and Luke interacted with all their guests all night long, laughing and talking and dancing for hours. I know this day was extra special for them as Luke had only just returned a few weeks earlier from a deployment, and it was pretty emotional when his brother teared up a bit during his toast thanking him for his service. For a couple to be able to endure the test of time and of such great distance, you just know this is a love story for the books. Hayley and Luke, I wish you nothing but happiness and joy in your new life together as husband and wife, and cheers to your new adventure in California together! Love you guys and your families!


Vendor Team:


BRIDAL GOWN: Almond Tree Boutique


MAKE UP: Allie Wright


VIDEOGRAPHER: Superstition Productions

DJ: Save this Dance

SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER: Stesha Jordan Photography